AgencyComp is the smarter way to track your commissions. Calculate, project, analyze and track commissions for virtually any insurance productincluding Medicare Advantage, Fee, Graded, Target Premium and Pct. of Premium products. Three affordable plans to choose from with no expensive CRM to purchase or long-term contracts.

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AgencyComp lets you get back to what matters

The smarter way to track your commissions

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Access your book from anywhere

AgencyComp is an affordable, easy-to-use online tool for insurance agents and brokerage general agents. Unlike  other commission tracking tools, AgencyComp does not require you to purchase an expensive CRM. Now you can analyze, calculate, project, and audit your commissions.

Work smarter by understanding where your commissions are derived from. Be sure you get paid, and paid accurately.


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Analyze your book of business by premium or commission

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Calculate commissions for any insurance product

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Project commissions over an extended period of time

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Import and find missing commissions


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Wherever you are in your career, AgencyComp is a convenient tool to help you track your business and get back to serving your clients.

You’ll know what’s due to you, so you can move on to other things. If you’re an established professional, AgencyComp can quickly analyze and value your book of business – a must if you plan to sell or pass on your business.

A streamlined solution

AgencyComp allows you to work smarter by understanding where your commissions are derived from and without the need of an expensive CRM.  AgencyComp ensures you get paid — and paid accurately!

Revolutionize your commission tracking with our feature-rich solution.